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Changes in state and federal tax law and IRS rules can seem almost impossible for the average person to keep up with. That is why so many of us rely on a CPA, tax preparer or other tax and accounting professional to advise us and to file vital paperwork each year. When these individuals make a mistake or commit any form of accounting malpractice, the consequences can be dire.

Failure to accurately file taxes can result in crushing fines, fees and costs or even the threat of jail time. When a trusted financial adviser commits embezzlement or fraud, it can leave you without the resources you need to take care of your personal, family and business obligations. If you have been the victim of accounting malpractice, the able attorneys at Hefferon & Hefferon are here to help. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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With over 60 years combined legal experience, Tom Hefferon and Paul Hefferon utilize financial and forensic experts to investigate, document and prove your claim, in court if necessary.

If you need the help of an efficient, experienced and cost-effective trial attorney to maximize your recovery in an accounting malpractice lawsuit, please contact our offices in Charlotte today to schedule a free initial consultation. Attorney referrals are welcome.