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At Hefferon Law, PLLC, we know that even the best lawyers sometimes make mistakes. Unqualified or inexperienced attorneys may find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of a case for which they are unprepared. Deadlines are forgotten and statutes of limitation run out. Lawyers fail to appear in court or fail to take crucial depositions. Professional carelessness can and does occur and results in legal malpractice.

Some forms of legal malpractice are more egregious, including ethical violations and instances of fraud. Regardless of the severity or intent of the negligence, the NC State Bar strongly recommends that all lawyers maintain legal malpractice insurance to help clients recover from the damage that can result from these mistakes.

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We work to help make clients who have been hurt by legal malpractice or negligence whole. Our approach is reasonable and fair, which is why we are trusted by other lawyers.

Legal malpractice claims can be very complicated. In order to prevail, a claimant must prove not only that the negligence of the target attorney ruined their case, but also must prove that the original case would have been successful but for the target attorney’s negligence. This is called “the case within the case.” Paul Hefferon has the experience and resources to aggressively pursue fair and reasonable settlements in these difficult matters, or proceed to trial if the case cannot be settled.

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