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When a loved one passes away, family members often pore over will and trust statements to discover who will inherit family treasures, such as antiques, mementoes and jewelry. Family members rush to find out how their loved one’s money and property will be allocated.

At the law firm of Hefferon Law, PLLC, we have substantial experience representing clients when conflicts over wills and estates rip apart families. We have a strong background resolving these emotionally-charged disputes as quickly as possible, and we are ready to help you. Contact us today to schedule a convenient appointment.

Substantial Wills and Estate Litigation Experience

Paul Hefferon has extensive experience representing trustees and beneficiaries in complicated will and estate disputes, involving:

  • Will challenges
  • Fraud and coercion
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Mental competence
  • Guardian disputes

The attorneys at our law firm have handled will contests where family members question the validity of a will. Family members may claim their loved one was manipulated by the caretaker or lacked the mental capacity to make important decisions. We also have in-depth experience protecting the authenticity of a will, while seeking to avoid having a will caveat established.

Carefully Investigating Each Case

We are committed to helping clients resolve estate disputes as quickly as possible by helping clients cut through emotional barriers. As a first step, we negotiate with the other side to find viable solutions that will protect our clients’ future and needs. We are also well-prepared to represent clients in arbitration or mediation. The attorneys are our law firm are certified mediators and have extensive experience finding outcomes that will be beneficial for both sides.

As a last step, we aggressively represent clients in court. We carefully review medical reports before trial in an effort to understand if the creator of a trust or will has the mental capacity to make decisions about the disposition of their property. The attorneys also interview caretakers, nurses and physiatrists to determine if the benefactor was under duress or manipulated by someone else. This evidence is used to develop a persuasive legal argument.

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Whether you need help in probate or estate litigation, we are ready to help you. Contact us to schedule a convenient appointment.

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