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On the Job Accidents: Contractor Negligence and Third Party Liability Claims

At Hefferon Law, PLLC, we provide sound legal advice and aggressive representation to injured workers throughout North Carolina. Our experienced attorneys have an in-depth understanding of workplace safety codes and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations.

If you were hurt in the course of your job and you need the help of an accomplished and respected attorney to seek the compensation you need and deserve for your medical bills, lost wages and other damages, contact us today for a free consultation.

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In cases where your employer is not at fault in your serious workplace injury, you may have a third party claim for damages arising out of contractor negligence or against any other individual or company whose carelessness or violation of safety standards caused your accident.

In industrial accidents and on large job sites, ferreting out who is responsible for an accidental injury can be a daunting task. At Hefferon Law, PLLC, we are proud of our record of success in proving the liability of contractors and other third parties and holding them accountable for their negligence.

When a serious injury is caused by machinery, equipment or component failures or disabled safety devices, we can help you pursue your legal options in seeking recovery through a dangerous and defective products liability lawsuit.

Whether your serious workplace injury was caused by contractor negligence, OSHA violations, defective equipment or negligent maintenance, contact our offices in Charlotte today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

Compensation For You

When you experience an accident at work, you could be entitled to compensation. This means that the employer is responsible for paying your medical costs, lost wages, as well as compensating for your pain and suffering. Workplace injuries are not classified as identical as there are individual nuances that make each accident unique. Some workers are injured while working with machinery while others experience a slip and fall. Some incidents involve accidents with scaffolding or vehicles and there are even some that are caused by explosions. The worst-case accident is one that results in death and we can also help grieving families get compensated for their loss. There is no way that compensation can ever replace the loss of a loved one, although we will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Essential Assistance Through The Process

If you have been hurt on the job by an occurrence that was not your fault, the first step is to contact Hefferon Law. We will discuss the situation and determine whether there is enough to move forward. When that determination is made, one of our accident attorneys will help you through the following steps:

  • Filing deadlines – Each state has specific guidelines for how long after an incident you can file a claim. It is important to know how the time factor can play into a lawsuit of this kind. It’s best to act sooner than later by contacting the offices of Hefferon Law.
  • Understand the odds – By the time you file a claim, there is a real chance that an insurance company has already begun putting together a defense. That means constructing a case against your claim and you as well.
  • Utilizing witnesses – Just because you have a witness now does not mean that witness will be around for the long haul. Expediting the process will help to ensure your witness will be available to help your case. Insurance companies often bank on witnesses becoming unavailable and may attempt to delay proceedings for that purpose.
  • Dealing with financial strains – While your case is waiting to be settled, there is a chance you could be experiencing financial strains. Insurance companies also count on that in an effort to reach lower settlements. Our lawyers can help you navigate these kinds of obstacles.
  • Peace of mind – Sleeping soundly at night happens at lot easier when you have an experienced and skilled attorney working for you. As your case moves forward, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Hefferon Law.

It is also important to know that workers’ compensation will not always cover all the expenses that result from an injury at work. That is one more reason why choosing Hefferon Law can truly work for you.


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