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Effective Legal Counsel After a Workplace Injury or Denied Workers Comp Claim

At Hefferon & Hefferon, we work tirelessly on behalf of victims of on the job accidents and workplace injuries throughout North Carolina. If you live or work in Gastonia, Monroe, Concord, Kannapolis, Hickory, Conover, Statesville, Albemarle, Rockingham, Asheboro, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville or Raleigh, our workers’ compensation attorneys are here to help.

Our respected and experienced lawyers are dedicated to fighting for workers who are entitled to compensation for an on-the-job injury. We have a proven track record of successfully representing severely injured workers with permanent, disabling injuries, and death. Contact us today for a free consultation in your denied workers’ compensation claim case.

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Workers’ compensation cases can be very complicated, especially when there is a personal injury claim against other parties who may be held liable for your damages. Your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier may hold a lien against any personal injury award you receive. In court, we will fight to reduce that lien to maximize your final recovery.

Other complications may arise if your employer attempts to move your claim to your health insurance carrier in an effort to keep their workers’ compensation insurance premiums low. Although this can happen in many types of cases, back injury claims such as slipped or ruptured disks seem especially easy for employers to challenge unless you have the help of a dedicated workers’ comp lawyer.

If you have suffered any serious workplace injury from a slip and fall or falling merchandise accident to long term or permanent disability, including reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS), also called complex regional pain syndrome, or simply chronic pain, contact our offices in Charlotte today to schedule a free consultation with a respected North Carolina workers’ compensation claims attorney.