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Charlotte Burn Injury Attorneys

Burn Injury

Serving People Who Have Suffered Severe Burn Injuries Due to Another’s Negligence

The physical and emotional trauma of a severe burn injury will forever change a person’s life. Burn injuries themselves are excruciating. Treating severe burn injuries is equally painful and can require multiple surgeries. Burns can leave disfiguring scars, which can cause immeasurable emotional pain and suffering. The harm of a burn injury cannot be undone. If someone was responsible for your burn injuries, you have the right under the law to recover damages for your past and expected future medical expenses, your past and projected lost income, and your pain and suffering.

The lawyer you choose to serve you will have a great impact on your case. It is important to work with lawyers who know how to maximize your compensation. We are the law firm of Hefferon Law, PLLC. Paul Hefferon has devoted his career to serving people who have suffered all types of injuries, including burn injuries. Our Charlotte burn injury lawyers have the experience and the resources you need to give you the best chance of recovering maximum compensation for your injuries.

North Carolina Fire Accident Lawyers Devoted to the Seriously Injured

Our attorneys are able to represent clients who have been harmed in all types of accidents, including:

  • Automobile accidents and gas tank explosions
  • Industrial exposure and chemical burns
  • Apartment and house fires caused by landlord negligence
  • Fires and electrocutions in homes and businesses caused by defective products or faulty construction

The case below is one example of our efforts.

Our client was asleep in an upstairs bedroom of a rented apartment when a fire started downstairs. Our client sustained severe burns. The fire investigation revealed that there were no batteries in the smoke detectors. We sued the landlord and apartment manager for failing to provide safe premises. We were able to recover $1,200,000 for our client.

Every case turns on specific facts, and our past results are not a guarantee of future performance. See our case highlights for a specific disclaimer and additional details.

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