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As parents, we worry about our children’s health and well-being. We worry that our children make the right decisions in life. Above all, we worry about their safety. Every parent’s greatest fear is that his or her child will suffer severe harm. Despite our best efforts, children can be harmed at school, on playgrounds, in car accidents or any number of other events. When your child is injured in an accident, it is simply devastating. Words cannot express the anguish and grief a parent feels in these instances.

In the aftermath of a serious injury, one thing you can do to help your child is by working with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can help your child recover the financial resources he or she needs to move forward from the accident and live the fullest possible life. For decades, people across North Carolina have turned to the Charlotte-based law firm of Hefferon Law, PLLC.

Providing Compassionate Legal Representation

One of the major issues when any child suffers a disabling injury is making sure the child has the money damages he or she will need for a lifetime. Certain injuries, such as brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, will alter the course of a child’s life. The eventual recovery, either through trial or by a negotiated settlement, must be sufficient to meet the child’s needs for life. Our Charlotte child injury lawyers will fight aggressively to give our clients the best chance of recovering full compensation. Although we understand the value of being able to negotiate a full and fair settlement, we are also prepared to take every case we handle to trial if necessary.

Our aggressive approach is tempered with compassion and care for our clients. We know that families are going through a very difficult time, and we will be there to discuss the progress of your case and your child’s needs.

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To discuss your legal options in a free consultation with our lawyers, call (704) 365-2600, or e-mail our law firm to get started. We handle all injury claims on a contingency basis.

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