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Spinal Cord & Nerve Injuries

Hefferon Lawyers Personal Injury Spinal Cord and Nerve Injuries

North Carolina Paralysis Lawyers

Nerve Damage · Paraplegia · Quadriplegia

If you have suffered paralysis, quadriplegia or paraplegia as a result of an accident caused by another’s negligence, the respected and effective lawyers at the Charlotte law offices of Hefferon Law, PLLC are here to help.

We offer experienced legal advice and aggressive representation to clients who have suffered a spinal cord injury or nerve damage in a car crash, workplace accident, slip and fall accident or through a surgical mistake or other medical malpractice.

There is no known cure for a severe spinal cord injury. Treatments do exist, but many are experimental and most are extremely expensive. To discuss your legal options in filing a personal injury lawsuit for the compensation you need and deserve for your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering, please contact our offices in Charlotte today for a free consultation with an accomplished attorney.

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In addition to spinal cord injury and paralysis, we also handle a wide variety of other nerve damage cases, including:

  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Sciatic injury or drop foot
  • Chronic neurogenic pain, often referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS), complex regional pain syndrome, or simply chronic pain
  • Any other debilitating nerve injury to the extremities

With extensive experience, our team of attorneys provides caring support for victims of damaged or severed nerves and other catastrophic injuries. We understand the profound impact that these injuries can have on the entire family, and will fight hard for justice and fair compensation in these cases.

To schedule a free consultation with an accomplished North Carolina serious personal injury attorney with a proven track record of success, contact Hefferon Law, PLLC today. Referrals are welcome.

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