Wrongful Death

wrongful death

North Carolina Lawyers Helping Family Members Respond to Tragic Fatal Accidents

Wrongful death lawsuits are difficult at every level and for everyone involved. Sometimes the hardest part of the process for our clients is the legal necessity of defining their private and painful loss in strictly economic terms.

At Hefferon & Hefferon, our dedicated attorneys have handled numerous wrongful death cases over the years, and have learned that the best service our firm can provide is to offer honest answers, realistic advice and personal sensitivity and care in these extremely stressful times.

We understand that our clients’ first impulse often is to fight to make those they hold responsible for their loss pay. We will work hard to achieve justice for your family, and we will give you an honest assessment as to the likelihood of success of your case. For straight answers from an attorney who truly understands what you are going through, contact us today.

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These cases can involve mountains of evidence, complicated expert testimony and significant investment in time and resources. Our attorneys are committed to providing high-quality legal representation and access to respected medical experts, economists and accident reconstruction professionals in a concerted effort to maximize your recovery through settlement or trial award.

For practical solutions, down to earth advice and compassionate support, contact our offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced and respected wrongful death lawsuit attorney.