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Like any other business, amusement parks, circuses, state fairs, golf courses, horse riding camps, white water rafting companies and sports and entertainment arenas have a legal obligation to do what they reasonably can to ensure that their patrons enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment.

When appropriate safety measures are not taken or dangerous situations are ignored, the consequences can be devastating. An action as simple as improperly cinching a saddle at a horse riding trail or failing to clean up a spill on a go-cart track can cause a serious or fatal accident. If you need the help of a respected personal injury and dangerous premises liability lawyer to help you hold a recreational business responsible for a severe injury, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Horse riding can be a fun family activity — as long as it is managed properly, adequate training is provided, and all appropriate safety measures are taken. When inexperienced riders trust negligent handlers, however, a horse riding accident and severe injury can be the result.

At Hefferon & Hefferon, we will fight to hold stables, riding schools, camps and other recreational businesses and facilities accountable for their negligence. In these cases, we have a proven record of success in obtaining substantial settlements for our injured clients and their families.

If you were injured or a family member was killed at a skateboarding park, sports arena or on a roller coaster or other amusement park ride, the respected attorneys at our Charlotte, North Carolina, law firm are here to help. Contact our offices today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options in filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.